About Us

A Message from the President:

Welcome Everyone!

I would like to express my appreciation for taking an interest in our organization.

We are not a typical organization where their only focus is money making through releasing false information, insufficient technical support, lack of knowledge and belt factory production. Instead, our organization is a cherished place of learning and continual challenge to the students developing strengths. Self reliance is imparted within the philosophical attitudes that every one accepts through physical training.

Our mission in this world resides on attaining knowledge of the self. You will clearly understand that the purpose and progress in the scheme of things is to develop the way to free ones ego. We often witness so much chaos, like war between nations, starvation, illness, and natural disaster. We as humans deserve to be treated equally regardless of race, religion and beliefs. That is the reason why I would like to be part of this important mission.

We donate a percentage of our funds to help others in need across the globe, contributing with better quality of living for the new generations that form our society and unveiling the true meaning of martial art with sincerity and pureness to mitigate our egos.

As you may know, the true martial art’s spirit is giving and sharing, we encourage you to be part of this gracious mission!

We are not interested in getting into dirty politics or providing revenue-oriented services to fill our pockets. In fact, your contribution will not be wasted in any way. The funds will be distributed for general expenses to sustain our organization and support Dojunim Ji Han-Jae’s retirement expenses.

Our main slogan resides on “start with clean administration, and stay connected to the next generations.”

Our main purpose is to benefit as many martial art students and instructors by following the right path, keeping the tradition, and inspiring to develop a better kind of its origin.

To become part of our organization, it is not necessary to throw away what you have owned for years; unless it is necessary for you. For us, we only support your decision to help you to achieve success through us. You are entitle to decide your own mission.

Every journey takes time and every journey is different from one to another.

I humbly encourage you that once you have a solid goal, you then patiently start walking through the future to make your dreams come true. I and all other fellow members would love to be a part of your success.

Finally, your commitment, dedication and patience will not only help you become a fine martial artist, but will help you reach beyond your farthest goals. Life is wonderful and precious, and I hope you enjoy every day as you learn Martial Arts with it. Remember, a thousand mile journey starts with one step.


A martial artist Inwan Kim

About Us